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  • Got my body butter about a week ago and I absolutely love it! It seems to be the only thing I’ve tried that actually keeps my skin moisturized. I use it just about daily!

    Julie L

  • Love this lip scrub! It gently exfoliated my lips and left them feeling softer and more hydrated !

    Selam R

  • I absolutely love using this scrub, it leaves my body smooth and it smells soooooo good would 100% recommend if you love the smell of coffee

    Beatriz B

  • love the texture and the thickness of the body butter, it makes me feel so smooth

    Ezekiel A

  • I love the peppermint lip scrub, it makes my lips so smooth and soft. Will order again

    Sandra M

  • I love this body butter, especially the mango pineapple. It smells very delicious and leave my skin smelling great through out the entire day. Its very smooth and soft and moisturizes my skin; I would definitely recommend this for dry skin, it works great!

    Melissa B

  • This body scrub is a MUST have, especially if you suffer from hyperpigmentation. It really exfoliates and help brighten dark marks. I used it every other day and the results are amazing!! Trust me, if you HAVE DARK MARKS OR HYPERPIGMENTATION, this product is FOR YOU!

    Abusana B

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